I love cigars

by Djang San - 张思安

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released July 14, 2016

Everything by Djang San



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Zhang Si'an (Djang San 张思安) 北京市, China

15 years of music in China. More than 30 albums released, China Battle of the Band winner, Pipa and Zhongruan re-inventor, "guitar anti-hero", self-entitled poet, thinker when he can think.

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Track Name: Liars
You said you were my friend
But you betrayed me again
Who can I trust now
That you lied to me

Is there anyone out there
That can be my friend
I can't trust anyone
And I feel so lonely
Track Name: Loser (words by Sandrine Wang)
You try so hard to impress
But at the end you are
Just another piece of shit

And you never wanted to admit
You were just an ordinary loser
Like everybody else

This is a user's manual
To a loser's life
And if you don't know how to operate it
You are a loser
This will be an insane part of you forever

And you know what they say
One loser a day
Keeps the doctor away
In this way you survive

A loser will never admit
He doesn't need anybody's advice
And that's why he'll never meet
Success beyond his own vice
Track Name: Letter to a fascist
The world is only opened if you open up to it
The world is only opened if you open up to it

Do you want to be a slave

Do you want to be a tool

The world is only opened if you open up to it
The world is only opened if you open up to it

You're not the ambassador of right and wrong
Accept your flaws

Are you more than what you pretend to be ?

Get in line
Get in line
Get in line
Track Name: I love cigars
A lot of people live like they are going somewhere, like there is a goal to what we do
But we really are going nowhere and everyone will fade away, humanity will fade too, and no-one will be remembered.

And we can't avoid entropy
And the decay of your body
While time is passing us by
We want to dream of eternity.
But it's always been too late
And we never did what we wanted
We never became ourselves
Because we never existed

And this is why I love cigars
And only care about money
To me you're just another monkey
Searching for an identity

Buy my products and you'll be someone
With an opinion and a direction
Why should you study and have a brain
When Money can buy you everything

We never started and we'll never end
Finance is the god you must prey to
God is dead the rich will be richer
your useless votes all make us laugh
You're just a pawn in this game
And this is why I hate you so
And this is why I love cigars
As a symbol of your mediocrity
Track Name: Everything for nothing
There is only one world
Education is a tool against the rule
Of the happy few
We live in a toxic city
Where dreams are only lies
We can't be sure about what we do
But we can only hope everything wasn't completely in vain

We think we exist only because we feel we do
Pain gets us back to life
But we forget that we create our own ideas
And that we don't fight enough
Even though we should
There is only one world
And we all live in it
If we were able to remember that
Then humanity would have a chance to survive

It is evidently possible
That we are running to the end
Because we want to experience
The ultimate destruction of ourselves and the others

We love to hate
Because there is nothing else
Than these two feelings making us feel alive in our hearts
When I will leave this earth
One day or the other
I can be proud that I have tried
Not to live in vain
Track Name: Let the light come in
If you can't figure out
Early enough in your life
That life makes no sense at all
You will never accomplish anything

Sometimes we choose the worst
Because we can't have the best

You have no choice but to let the light come in

And if you don't do anything
One day you'll ask yourself
Why am I miserable
Why haven't I tried to change the world

That day you'll be in your grave
With no future ahead
Killed by the path you've had created
Thinking there was no choice at all