Naixin (耐心) (Patience) (2007)

by Zhang Si'an (Djang San 张思安)



released January 1, 2007



all rights reserved


Zhang Si'an (Djang San 张思安) 北京市, China

15 years of music in China. More than 30 albums released, China Battle of the Band winner, Pipa and Zhongruan re-inventor, "guitar anti-hero", self-entitled poet, thinker when he can think.

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Track Name: Sweet and Serene Music (清平乐) (words by poet Feng yansi - Tang Dynasty)

Après la pluie et le temps clair, vint un soir plein de brume.

Depuis peu une eau verte a envahie l’étang.
Deux hirondelles ont volé jusqu’au jardin des saules pleureurs,

Dans le pavillon,
Les rideaux de couleurs sont enroulés en haut des fenêtres.

Au crépuscule, appuyé sur la balustrade couleur cinabre,

Au Sud-ouest, j’aperçus le sourcil de la lune qui se levait.

Sous les marches, le vent a balayé des pétales tombés,

Dans un habit de satin, je fus surpris par la froideur du printemps.


After rain and clear weather came a night full of mist.

Recently a green water has invaded the pond.
Two swallows flew to the garden of weeping willows,

In the pavilion,
The curtains of color are rolled up on the windows.

At dusk, leaning on the railing color cinnabar,

In the south-west, I saw the eyebrow of the rising moon.

Under the steps, the wind swept the flower petals,

In a satin coat, I was surprised by the coldness of spring.
Track Name: The Sun (阳光)
阳光! (The sun)