Sick F​.​.​. Goat

by Djang San + Octavio



«  Sick F... Goat  » is the first extract from a new concept album soon to be launched by Djang San and Octavio, two Beijing based composers.

The track «  Sick F... Goat  » gives a glance at what music can be when Electro, Jazz, and rock meet with film music.

Stay tuned for more  !


I was lost
Lost in Space
Lost at sea
Couldn't see
Is there anybody here ?
Can someone help me
While I'm still

Lost my soul (Sick French Goat)
Lost my heart (Who are you ?)
Became blind (Sick French Goat)
Lost my tongue (Who are you ?)

Are you a superhero ?
Sick French Goat
In the mountains

It's time to give up now (x7)
Did you hear what I said
Sick French Goat
Hééééééééééé !


released August 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Zhang Si'an (Djang San 张思安) 北京市, China

15 years of music in China. More than 30 albums released, China Battle of the Band winner, Pipa and Zhongruan re-inventor, "guitar anti-hero", self-entitled poet, thinker when he can think.

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